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Hear this: big savings are coming to Yamaha earbuds and headphones

Get up to £50 cashback when you buy one of three sets of wireless headphones

Black Friday may be receding in the rear-view mirror, but there are still savings to be had on great tech if you know where to look: and you should be looking in the direction of Yamaha’s excellent wireless headphones and true wireless earbuds.

It’s simple: buy the TW-E3B, YH-E700A or YH-L700A between 07/12/21 and 07/01/22 and Yamaha will send you cashback. Extra money in your pocket is only one reason to invest in these tech-packed ear-pleasers, though – read on and we’ll tell you about all the others…

TW-E3B – £15 cashback

Yamaha’s latest true wireless earphones come with Listening Care, a feature that allows users to experience full-range audio even at low volume settings.

With the World Health Organization estimating that over a billion young adults are putting their hearing at risk due to listening to music at unsafe volumes, keeping sound levels within acceptable levels has never been more important – and Listening Care means you don’t have to crank up the dial to 11 to fully experience your favourite songs as the artist intended. By intelligently adjusting sound frequencies across the spectrum, the tech ensures your music is both safe and satisfying.

The compact, lightweight TW-E3B (available in six different colour finishes) has been tuned for immersive, dynamic and expressive sound by Yamaha’s experts, and comes with Bluetooth 5.0 and Qualcomm aptX technology for high-quality wireless streaming. Battery life lasts up to 24 hours with the included Charging Case, and the four earpiece sizes ensure anybody can achieve a secure, comfortable fit with minimal sound leakage.

YH-E700A – £40 cashback

The YH-E700A goes takes standard active noise cancellation technology to the next level with Advanced ANC, avoiding the unwanted “colouring” and degrading of sound that can be a side effect of typical ANC-equipped headphones. It pulls this off by separating and isolating the signals of music and exterior noise, ensuring that only the latter is erased while the music signal is left untouched. It also offers an Ambient Sound mode, which lets listeners remain aware of their surroundings and hold a conversation.

Like the TW-E3B, the YH-E700A also comes with Listening Care to keep the volume at a safe level while offering full-range sound from high to low frequencies. Here, things go a step further though: the YH-E700A is able to analyse both music and background noise in real-time and adjust the balance to perfectly suit the listener’s current volume setting.

The headphones are available in black and white finishes and come with Bluetooth 5.0 and Qualcomm aptX Adaptive audio, up to 35 hours of wireless battery life and a carry case with a USB-C charging cable, audio cable and flight adapter.

YH-L700A – £50 cashback

Engineered to suck you right into the videos playing on your smartphone or tablet, the YH-L700A come with 3D Sound Field and head tracking. At the push of a button, this tech transforms traditional two-channel listening into a realistic 360-degree audio field, with seven different 3D modes to choose from. Head tracking makes things even better by causing playback to respond in real-time to the orientation of the user’s head in relation to the device playing the content. Together, these technologies bring a new level of immersion to YouTube, Netflix and more.

The YH-L700A also comes with Advanced ANC (including Ambient Sound) and real-time adaptive Listening Care, just like the YH-E700A, as well as Listening Optimiser. The latter is constantly working in the background to ensure you have perfect audio, making ongoing measurements and adjusting output if the headphones’ fit or wearing conditions change.

Bluetooth 5.0 and Qualcomm aptX Adaptive ensure excellent wireless audio quality, but an included cable means users can also experience Hi-Res audio. Battery life runs to 34 hours and the package includes a carrying case, charging cable, audio cable and flight adapter.

How to get your cashback

1. Buy one of the above headphones between 07/12/21 and 07/01/22 at an authorised Yamaha dealer.

2. Complete the claim form by 21/01/22 and have your proof of purchase and serial number ready.

3. Once your claim has been validated, you’ll be sent your cashback reward by bank transfer within 28 working days.

For more details, including full terms and conditions, check out the Yamaha UK website.