Relonch trims photography back to the bare bones

With one button, no zoom and no screen, this cloud-powered camera wants to make snapping snappy again

Right, let me get this straight: my DSLR camera has about two dozen buttons – and you’re telling me this new fangled snapper is supposed to let me take better photos with ONE?

That’s the idea. This camera – the Relonch 291 Model, to give it its proper name – is designed to strip photography back to its basics. There’s a single shutter button, a fixed focal length lens (in other words, no zoom), and a viewfinder to frame your shots. There’s no flash, and no video capture option. Heck, there isn’t even a screen or an SD card slot.

No screen? So how do I check what I’ve just taken?

You don’t. Just like in the old days of analogue photography, you have to wait. One thing the camera does have is an embedded SIM, which uploads all your shots to the cloud as you take them.

And that part is very important, because the main selling point of Relonch is that the company develops all the photos for you.

So I don’t get to tweak my snaps?

Nope – you simply point and shoot. All shots are then pinged to Relonch’s servers, where an AI brain called Alfred picks through them, selecting the best (yes, you’ll have to trust a robot’s taste) and editing them. Then, at 9am the following morning, your finished shots are sent to you via the Relonch mobile app.