PROMOTED: TCL's new headphone range - they can do everything you want, and won't break the bank

There’s a difference between asking for ‘the impossible’ and asking for ‘the very best’. TCL has never claimed to be able to deliver ‘the impossible’ - but ‘the very best’? Oh, in that respect TCL has you covered.

As far as headphones go, what does ‘the very best’ actually mean? How does Hi-Res Audio certification, active noise-cancelling technology, wireless or wired functionality, epic battery life, supreme comfort and superb audio quality sound to you? TCL’s outstanding ELIT200NC and ELIT400NC have all of that - they’re just not priced as if they do.

The ELIT200NC is an in-ear neckband headphone, while the ELIT400NC is an over-ear design. Both are certified as capable of handling better-than-CD quality audio files, both use Bluetooth 4.2 for a stable, high-quality wireless connection, and both can be used with a cable in the unlikely event they should run out of battery power.

Both feature active noise-cancelling technology, so the droning and buzzing of the outside world won’t impact on your listening pleasure. And both are easy to fold up and transport, so they can become an essential part of your travel kit. There are some differences, of course - TCL knows it’s important to offer a choice, even when talking about ‘the very best’.

ELIT200NC’s in-ear neckband design means there’s space for 12.2mm neodymium magnet drivers with polymer diaphragm, which deliver precise, balanced and full-bodied sound. They come with a selection of earcaps, so you are always guaranteed a perfect fit, and their ergonomic design means they stay comfortable even during the longest listening sessions. A fully charged battery will give 10 hours of music playback (eight with noise-cancelling engaged), and a quick 15 minute top-up gives another two hours.

Thanks to their bigger form factor, ELIT400NC can go an enormous 22 hours from a single charge (that’s longer than the longest-haul flight you can take) or 18 hours with active noise-cancelling on - top them up for 15 minutes and they’ll go another 4 hours. Their 40mm neodymium drivers are capable of deep, powerful and controlled bass, explicitly detailed midrange reproduction, and a crisply precise top end. Comfort is guaranteed thanks to soft, breathable memory-foam ear cushions, no matter how long you’re wearing them for.

For 35 years, TCL has been one of the world’s most forward-thinking electronics brands. You may not know it, but TCL has almost certainly been involved in one of the smartphones, or kitchen appliances, or TVs you’ve used - now it’s ready to become your favourite brand of headphones too. And if you’ll settle for ‘the very best’ rather than insisting on ‘the impossible’, you’ll find ELIT200NC and ELIT400NC do everything you want, at a price that’s nothing like as punishing as you might expect.

For more information about the ELIT200NC visit TCL's website here.

For more information about the ELIT400NC, check them out here