If looks could thrill: the Honda Civic Type R in detail

The new Civic Type R looks the part, but it's not for show: here's how those design details help to make it the fastest hot hatch in the world
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The Honda Civic Type R is all about performance – but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t look incredible too.

An ideal blend of style and substance, it combines eye-popping looks with race-winning performance. The Civic Type R set a new record for the fastest front-wheel drive car ever to circuit the Nurburgring. 

Those in search of understatement need not apply. This machine is loud and proud, built to turn heads and raise pulses. But it's also versatile, equally at home on the roads as on the track.

To celebrate 25 years of a car series that has continually pushed the envelope in terms of performance and design, we took a closer look at the details that ensure the new model delivers.


The Type R’s turbo-charged 2.0-litre engine generates a remarkable 320PS at 6,500rpm. That’s 160PS per litre. Meanwhile, its VTEC turbo technology provides maximum power at high revs while keeping it fuel efficient at low revs. There’s a compelling argument to say it’s offering the best of both worlds. 


What’s better than two exhausts? Three exhausts, of course. But the Civic Type R’s triple-outlet exhaust is more than just a styling feature – it’s a precisely engineered addition that adds to the aural experience. The centre exhaust is a resonator, providing a bigger sound at lower speeds. At higher speeds, meanwhile, the pressure in the middle exhaust pipe becomes negative, so it sucks in air instead of expelling exhaust gas. The result? A quieter in-cabin experience. 


The Civic Type R’s rear wing is both a statement of intent and a functional aerodynamic device, contributing to overall negative lift, which keeps the car planted on the track. It is 0.7kg lighter than the rear wing on the previous Civic Type R, too, an important factor in the new car weighing more than [30kg] less than its predecessor. 

Driving modes

The Civic Type R is just as impressive when viewed from inside the cabin. Among some of its standout features are its three driving modes: Comfort, Sport +R. The car starts in Sport mode by default, but on each side of it is Comfort and +R, in which the aggression of the dampers, throttle response, engine mapping and steering weight are ramped up (+R) or down (Comfort).


The Civic Type R has the most aggressive wheel-tyre combination ever fitted to a production Honda – 245.30ZR20 summer performance tires riding on 8.5-inch wide black-finish aluminium-alloy wheels, to be exact. Together with specially tuned versions of Honda’s Vehicle Stability Assist and Agile Handling Assist, the power steering system provides a responsive, direct and accurate steering feel.

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