How network-enabled amps set your music free

Yamaha's MusicCast-enabled receivers have the tech to broaden your audio horizons
Promoted by Yamaha

There was a time when audiophiles deemed home cinema receivers far too brash to reproduce the delicate nuances of recorded music – and there may once have been some truth to their claims. But things are very different today.

Take Yamaha's range of 'Natural Sound' home cinema amps. That badge isn't an idle claim; it's part and parcel of the company's long-running efforts to bring top-quality audio – whether it's for movies, games or music – to its full range of AV products.

Its current range of network amplifiers and receivers is designed to put users in touch with a whole world of musical magic – not just through their collections of Blu-rays, CDs or network-stored music files, but through a near-limitless supply of online music and internet radio.

And you don't need to keep it all to yourself. Whatever you're enjoying can be shared with the whole house thanks to integrated MusicCast wireless multi-room. MusicCast means your living room network amplifier can share music with almost 40 other Yamaha products, like speakers, amps and soundbars, which can be placed anywhere in your home. Your entire MusicCast system can be controlled with the simple, intuitive mobile app – or, thanks to Amazon Alexa, by the power of your voice.

All you need to enter this wonderful world of multi-room music is a Yamaha network receiver and a home network (got broadband and a Wi-Fi router? You’re sorted). Yamaha offers both stereo network receivers and multichannel home cinema versions, so you can pick from a model dedicated purely to music or something that dazzles with Dolby Atmos effects.

Connected via a wired Ethernet connection or via Wi-Fi, these receivers allow you play music stored anywhere on your home network, as well as streaming tunes from your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth or AirPlay. You also get access to thousands of internet radio stations and streaming services like Spotify, Tidal and Deezer.

The simplest Yamaha network receiver is the stereo R-N303D, which combines the quality of the company's hi-fi engineering with network capability. As well as accessing network services, it handles hi-res music all the way up to double DSD audio (a high-resolution file format that promises greater fidelity than a CD), offers digital optical and coaxial inputs, and has a built-in DAB/DAB+ radio tuner. And of course there's MusicCast for multi-room music streaming.

But almost all of Yamaha's AV receivers have network capability, from the entry-level RX-V483 all the way up to the mighty RX-A3070 Aventage flagship. Yamaha network receivers don't  just broaden your musical horizons – they also fill your home with sweet, blissful sound.

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