Meet the projectors that were born to show the footy

Be there without being there with BenQ’s latest range of projectors, custom-built for football fans
Promoted by BenQ

We can’t all get out to France to watch this summer’s action in the flesh, but that doesn’t mean missing out on the match day atmosphere.

Home football viewing is now better than ever: BenQ’s projectors will bring the big screen experience to your living room, so there’s no longer any need to crowd in front of a tiny telly squinting at minuscule stick men. But setting up the perfect game requires more than just sorting the perfect viewing apparatus – stick to the following five tips and you’ll be celebrating every goal as if you were in the stands yourself…

1. Set up your BenQ projector; engage football picture mode

Feel like you’re pitch-side without leaving the comfort of your living room by switching on Football Picture Mode, available on BenQ’s new W1110s and TH670s projectors. Via a winning one-two pass of colour tuning and digital enhancement, augmenting their crisp 1080p image quality, it makes skin tones more realistic and grass look more lush and vivid. Who needs to go all the way to France anyway?

2. Assemble your crack spectator team

The stat man: Has the knowledge to provide a constant commentary on the match, some of it even interesting. Likely to say things like, “That was always going to happen. He’s had seven assists and 12 goals in his last five appearances.”

The funnywoman: She’ll be deadpanning through the match. An example utterance: “It’s not like England to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory against all conceivable odds, is it.”

The football Luddite: Will say things like “Why is that one allowed to pick it up? Isn’t that handball?”, so you can guffaw at them (and put them right).

Definitely not your boss: Ensure you haven’t by some horrific turn of fate invited the big cheese, or prepare to feel awkward and inhibited for the entire match.

3. Create a sustenance plan

A limitless supply of crisps, pies or pizza if you’re feeling exotic. Complemented by themed tipples for the match. For example, a fine Liebfraumilch for Germany and some cream soda for England.

4. Ramp up your sound system

Football is a game of two halves, and so is watching it at home: you need great pictures, yes – but don’t forget about sound. To truly get the best atmosphere, flick on the BenQ W1110s’ Football Sound Mode, which tunes the speaker to boost commentary clarity. You’ll never miss Alan Shearer’s insightful observations again…

5. The all-important postmatch analysis

Prepare for pontification, then recreate how the game should have gone on the big screen with your games console.