5 reasons to choose Three: the network of firsts

A look back at the game-changing moments in Three’s history as a pioneering mobile network
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In the mobile industry, as in life, there are leaders and there are followers. Those who take risks and those who play it safe. Those who innovate and those who imitate.

Three is proudly a member of the former category. From its unbeatable Pay as You Go Rates for data to offering 3G as standard, it’s a network of firsts. Here are a few of its finest groundbreaking moments.

The first network to smash roaming boundaries

If a holiday happens but no one is around to take a picture of it, does it really exist? Absolutely not. So kudos to Three for becoming the first network to get rid of roaming charges. Now that EU roaming charges have been abolished, Three’s decision to offer global roaming is even more awesome. With Feel at Home, you can Go Roam in 60 destinations around the world. Bungee-jumping in Brazil? Send a pic home to prove it. Mountain biking in New Zealand? Facebook it. Relaxing in the West Indies? Instagram the hell out of it. 

The first to make calls to 0800 numbers free

In the list of Exciting Ways To Use Your Data, calling 0800 numbers is down there with accidentally streaming non-stop remixes of Rednex’s Cotton Eye Joe. Let’s be honest, 0800 calls are the ones you have to make, not the ones you want to make. That’s why Three was the first network to make 0800 numbers free. Yee-haw!

Three was the first network to launch all-you-can-eat data

Things you can’t get enough of: love, Love Island and limitless data. That’s why, in 2010, Three became the first network to offer an endless buffet of data. Its all-you-can-eat data package meant you could keep uploading, scrolling and streaming, ad infinitum, free from the worry you’ll run out of data. Hurrah! 

The first network to launch a 100 per cent 3G network

As hard as it is to be believe, there was a time when you couldn’t access multiple YouTube videos of dogs skateboarding down a corridor dressed as Batman. In the early-Noughties, mobile internet access could be a slow and unstable beast. That’s why Three became the first network to launch a 100% 3G network, all the way back in 2003.

Three was the first network to launch video calling

It is your modern-day right to video call your dad, tell him to stop putting his ear to the screen, and explain to him what a bloomin' lovely time you’re having on holiday. So let’s hear it for Three, for the first network to introduce video calling in the UK.

Three won’t stop being the first, either. Throughout its history, it’s always been looking for new ways to do things, and will continue to do so in the future. So if you’re looking for a network that breaks down walls and rewrites rules, choose Three, the network of firsts.

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