ZTE Mozilla phone coming in 2013

Chinese manufacturer pals up with Firefox developers to create new mobile OS

ZTE is teaming up with Mozilla – the makers of the Firefox web browser – to create a new mobile OS, and an accompanying line of smartphones.

According to Reuters and The Wall Street Journal, ZTE will roll out its Mozilla OS over the next few months, with a hardware launch to follow in 2013.

ZTE will launch products based on the Mozilla OS outside of China – with Reuters reporting that it's working with regional telecom carriers.

ZTE isn't abandoning other operating systems altogether, though – it will continue to create Android and Windows Phone handsets, but "won't just rely" on Google and Microsoft's operating systems.

With iOS 6 launching today, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean gradually rolling out to 'Droid smartphones, and Microsoft taking the wraps off Windows Phone 8, it's becoming an increasingly crowded field for mobile operating systems – will ZTE and Mozilla sink or swim with their offering?

[via Gizmodo Australia]

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