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Your Apple Watch can start a Blue Link enabled Hyundai car

If you can't have a fully smart car, maybe you can settle for it playing nice with the Apple Watch

Hyundai is taking its Blue Link connected car platform one step further by making it compatible with the Apple Watch.

The company recently released a Blue Link app on the iOS App Store that offers the same features as its Android Wear counterpart. Apple Watch owners with a Blue Link-equipped car can now remotely start and stop the engine, lock and unlock doors, activate the lights and find their car on a map.

So now you can go all 007 on your Hyundai Blue Linked car – although you may have noticed that all the features are designed not to be used while the car is in motion and are instead used to control vehicle functions remotely. That’s true of a lot of manufacturer smartwatch apps (Volkswagen’s and Porsche’s for instance), and it’s a way of getting around concerns about smartwatches causing distractions to drivers.

We’re expecting more automotive manufacturers to roll out their own smartwatch apps with similar remote control capabilities in the coming months. The Blue Link app is compatible with all Hyundai Blue Link-equipped vehicles, going back as early as the 2012 Sonata.

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