You'll have 7 Days to Die this summer on PS4 and Xbox One

Telltale Games will publish the Steam Early Access hit on consoles

Telltale Games has already created one of the greatest zombie games of all time in The Walking Dead episodic series, but now the studio will put on its publisher hat to bring another one to consoles.

Thriving in Steam Early Access on PC since 2013, 7 Days to Die is a voxel-based zombie survival experience in which your undead foes keep getting stronger and stronger with each passing day. As a result, you'll need to get smarter and craftier as you try to last longer with each new run.

Developed by The Fun Pimps, the game already has more than 1.5 million users on PC - and although there isn't even a proper "final" version, Telltale is ready to put its stamp on the experience for a console releas. It's coming out for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this summer.

The open-world game blends elements of survival horror, first-person shooting, and tower defense games, challenging you to fight, craft, blast, loot, and explore. It's a big YouTube hit on PC, and the console version will add a split-screen multiplayer mode, along with other features to be announced and plenty of post-release downloadable content.

And Telltale is doing a bit of cross-promotion work too: if you pre-order the retail and digital game on either console, you'll gain access to seven exclusive character skins inspired by the Walking Dead games, including Michonne and Lee Everett.

[Source: Telltale Blog]