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You can now pre-order the thinnest phone in the world for £300

The Oppo R5 will soon be available for UK gadgeteers to coo over


The Oppo R5 is thin. Seriously, it measures in at ridiculous 4.85mm, which is bordering on atom-splitting territory as far as smartphones are concerned.

It’s so thin in fact, that there actually isn’t enough room for a headphone jack – you’ll need Bluetooth headphones to listen to music stored on it.

When we first held it at its launch in Singapore, we were convinced that witchcraft was involved. Having fully reviewed it however, we can confirm that yes, it does actually work, and it isn’t just a deceptive hollow shell.

Our review concluded that R5 isn’t the smoothest, or most powerful phone you can get in its price bracket. Its battery life was also found to be lacking, though it does at least charge up speedily, thanks to Oppo’s clever accelerated charging technology.

But none of that matters if you’re hell bent on walking around with a sliver of tech that’ll have your mates passing it around, marvelling at its size-zero waist.

If you want the world’s thinnest phone and don’t mind forking out £300 for it, then head on over to Amazon where you can pre-order it ahead of its 20 February UK release date.

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