Xappr Guns transform your smartphone into an augmented reality shooter

Too old for laser tag and too pain-intolerant for paintball? Try the Xappr Guns for size

Xappr wants to take you on an augmented reality adventure with its sci-fi styled Xappr and Micro-Xappr Guns. In the same vein as Red 5's App Blaster, the Zappr Guns connect to a smartphone, which together with a bunch of apps create an augmented reality alien and zombie shooting battle ground.

Unlike the AppBlaster, Xappr's augmented reality shooters don't discriminate and can be armed with your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone handsets.

The really interesting bit is the player-to-player combat that will be available with an upcoming game called ATK for a bit of laser tag nostalgia. So you'll be able to blast each other with an assortment of weapons like it's 1991.

Staying true to first person shooters, the game's multiplayer options will include deathmatch, team mode and last man standing.

The Xappr fun guns will be available for public consumption in June. Those wanting to secure their purchase can pre-order the Xappr goods for $US45 each.

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