Would you wear this tech-controlling smart ring?

One ring to rule your gadgets, and in Bluetooth connectivity, bind them

We know what you're thinking. That ring is large enough to grace the hand of a king. Impractically large, you might call it. But it does more than bling your finger up to 11.

The Neyya, you see, is a smart ring with a capacitive touch-enabled surface. Swiping across it lets you control music playback and presentations on your smartphone, and it's currently compatible with the GoPro action cam, letting you capture shots while hurtling down the slope of a gnarly mountain. Or something.

Other uses for the ring include the ability to take a selfie on your smartphone, or launching Siri, and it can handle notifications too, with customised vibrations depending on whether you've got a new email or text message.

It's available in three sizes to suit different fingers, with two material options - a £130 titanium model, or a £160 gold-plated version. All variants are compatible with Windows 8.1, iOS, and OS X, and an Android app is in the works too.

From what we've seen so far, we can't see many people actually wearing this as an everyday accessory (despite its three day battery life), but if you're after a specific use, such as remote camera operation or swiping through presentation slides, it might be enough to pique your interest when it lands on Amazon on 26 November.