WisePilot Navigator Europe comes to Windows Phone

For those without Nokia Drive, there’s a turn-by-turn navigation app ready for you to find now

Nokia Lumia and HTC owners might be zipping about town easily thanks to Nokia Maps and the HTC Locations app – but other Windows Phone owners may, until now, have found themselves going in circles. Now WisePilot's come to their rescue with the WisePilot Navigator Europe app.

WisePilot Navigator Europe comes with voice guidance, 3D and 2D maps, speed limits, lane assistance, points of interest, search, and even allows you to pin addresses to your Windows Phone homescreen. So what’s the catch? It doesn't come with offline maps, so you need a data connection (and affordable data plan) to download maps as you go.

At the moment WisePilot Navigator Europe is £25 (at a 25 per cent discount, for now), so if you want to risk being an early adopter, you will be rewarded.

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