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Will Samsung’s Galaxy S7 really be unveiled next January?

Because, if 2015 taught us anything, it’s that you can never have too many Samsung rumours

It’s coming: fresh off the back of its latest flagship whopper, Samsung is pulling forward the launch of its Next Great Handset, the S7. Apparently.

“Hang about,” we hear you say, “aren’t there always incessant rumours about when the multi-million making manufacturer will release its next bit of shiny kit?” Yes, yes there are – and the truth around this one is, as ever, as solid as a piece of chocolate on a Snapdragon 810.

Sure, a January launch would be a shrewd play. With the iPhone 6S still fresh on the shelves, a change of strategy from Samsung’s usual unveilings at big industry events later in the year might just gift it the undercut on its Cupertino competitors.

That, however, relies heavily on it actually having a handset to release. According to South Korea’s ETNews, Samsung finalised the S7’s design by the end of September and is now arranging all the bits it needs to put its next market-topper into production.

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Do we believe that? Well, the same report reckons this dramatic change in development strategy has been ‘confirmed’, as has a move into ‘Premium’ and ‘Sub-Premium’ range-splitting, rather than the diversified lineup at present.

We’re not holding our breath. OK, so it pays never to call a bluff where Samsung is involved: last year, the unveiling of the Galaxy S6 Edge at March’s Mobile World Congress, though extensively leaked, still caught some by surprise and certainly changed the display game.

Still, the information behind the report is cited as coming from that most reliable of sources: ‘parts industry insiders’ – who have apparently also indicated a move towards greater use by the manufacturer of its own Exynos chips to differentiate its devices.

We’re not the types to fling mud at anything-but-firm field reports, but the good news is that, if it does exist and the internet operates as it always has done before, we shouldn’t have too long a wait before the potentially bendy budget-buster leaks online. And if it doesn’t exist, we’ll know that soon too.

Either way, stay tuned, folks.

Source: ETNews