Will the iPad 3 have a Retina Display?

With new screen manufacturers added to the iPad 3 team, the potentially mythical Retina Display is all but a reality

Apple's iPad 3 has been the subject of many rumours, the greatest being whether or not it'll be glazed with a Retina Display. According to a DigiTimes report, four manufacturers are signed up to make parts for the fabled slate, and three of those are screen related. The fourth is tasked with creating power management circuits – to feed a higher resolution display perhaps? None of them has confirmed anything yet – likely at the behest of Lord Jobs himself. But Samsung and LG are apparently working on a hi-res (2048x1536) low-temperature polysilicon display, which Apple has recently tested. With iOS 5 and iPhone 5 releases expected in September, a new iPad might help fill Apple’s Christmas stocking coffers. Santa better start placing his orders now.


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