WildTangent launches rent-or-buy gaming app store on Android

New game rental service comes pre-loaded on Sony's tablets

WildTangent has announced that its shiny new app store goes live today and will come pre-loaded on both of Sony's Tablet P and Tablet S devices along with 20 free WildCoins for their owners, which can be used to buy in-game items as well as buying or renting games from 15p a pop.

Google's stock marketplace may arguably be enough for a quick gaming fix here and there, but the WildTangent app store aims to make it easier to find quality titles which may get lost amongst the plethora of offerings currently on the shelves of the Android marketplace.

Just think of it as the difference between picking up a copy of My Little Pony: Princess Adventures at your local supermarket or Call of Modern Warfare: Battlefield Duty 3 at a dedicated games shop.

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