Why your MacBook Pro could cost you £280 more than the sticker price

Your drool-worthy new MacBook Pro could set you back more than you expect if you want to ensure that it stays in tip top condition

The screwdriver-wielding teardown fanatics over at iFixit have (delicately) ripped apart Apple's brand new Retina Display MacBook Pro (which we've reviewed here), and have found its innards to be rather stubborn.

After penetrating the proprietary screws of the Retina Display MacBook Pro, iFixit found that its large battery is actually glued into the case, dashing any chances of slotting in a new one should it ever give up the good fight.

As with the MacBook Air, the RAM modules soldered into the logic board, though with 8-16GB available, that shouldn't really be a problem unless you're planning on editing 4K 3D video for the latest Pixar movie.

The SSD is also proprietary, meaning that it's currently not upgradeable, but even more important is the fact that the mythical display is fused to the lid, so any damage to the display will result in more than just a quick nip and tuck.

So would you pay £280 for Apple's three year Apple Care coverage?

Given Apple's solid build quality and attention to detail, we'd like to think that you'll be looking for a new laptop long before anything goes wrong enough to warrant a trip to the iHospital. But, each to their own.

[via iFixit]

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