Which James Bond are you?

Quantum of Solace hits cinemas this Friday, but there's more to Bond than a series of crass product placements. Take our gadget test and find out whic

Quantum of Solace hits cinemas this Friday, but there's more to Bond than a series of crass product placements. Take our gadget test and find out which 007 you are.

You're in need of a killer mobile phone to detonate a bomb and take out the head of SMERSH. Do you...

A. Flip out your Motorola RAZR and cooly walk away from the scene while the baddies burn.

B. Slide your fingers across an LG Viewty and raise an eyebrow as your enemies scream your name in anger.

C. Flick the scroll wheel on your Bang&Olufsen Serenata and leg it into your waiting BMW.

D. Bring out your Sony Ericsson C902, leave it lingering in shot for ten seconds and then look double hard when you get caught in the blast.

You need a car to get you away from a pesky double agent and cause an untold amount of damage to passers-by. Do you...

A. Hop into an Aston DB5, slap on some classy show tunes and outwit your enemies with top–notch driving and some basic, but nifty gadgetry

B. Get into anything going – a Citroen, knackered double decker bus or speed boat and indulge in some circuitous routes to confuse the baddies before pootling away

C. Use a remote control to drive your Beemer from the back seat while firing a stolen automatic weapon out of the rear window

D. Call Sony and ask what car can get you out of a pickle before being run down, standing up and sprinting like a lunatic away from your pursuers.

A. Get out your Philips 9-in1 personal grooming kit to tidy up your chest rug and nose hairs before adjusting your wig.

B. Shave using a Gillette Fusion Power Stealth before spraying a snake in your bathroom with a blowtorch.

C. Chuck out your Remington Steel blade and use your Braun Series 7 electric razor to get a close shave, before turning on the suave charm at dinner.

D. Discover Sony doesn't do male personal grooming kits and go to dinner with a five o'clock shadow and a wild look in your eyes.

A. Pull out an iPod Classic and stick on your favourite Shirley Bassey, Matt Munro and Tom Jones tracks and kick back in your sleeper.

B. Use your Creative Mozaic to listen to some wah-wah–based 70s rock and cheesy 80s ballads before sleazing on some foreign agents in the restaurant car.

C. Get your Archos 5g out, cruise the net, download some tunes via 3G and impress your sleeper–mate with your tech–wizardry.

D. Give your new Sony S–series a whirl while expounding its virtues to anyone within ear shot.

You need to get online and send some top–secret info back to M in London. Do you...

A. Use a sharp–looking 12in Apple Powerbook to bash out a quick email and doctor some snaps before slinging it in the back of the Aston.

B. Crank out an old–school IBM lappie and use a bizarre looking satellite connection to send back tales of your trips to space.

C. Use an Alienware laptop to calculate your exact position before firing off a series of messages in specially crafted code.

D. Bring your Sony Vaio TZ series on screen, tap out a quick one–liner and shut the lid, making sure the camera can pick up just what a cool machine it really is.


So, which Bond are you?

Mostly As – You're Sean Connery. Classic, sharp and with a penchant for classic design.

Mostly Bs – You're Roger Moore. You like off–kilter, slightly bizarre gadgets and indulging in your chase of the ladies.

Mostly Cs – You're Pierce Brosnan. A fan of high–tech goodies and the knowledge to get even the most bizarre of kit working.

Mostly Ds – You're Daniel Craig. You have no knowledge of any gadgets other than those made by your tech overlord, Sony.