What we expect from the Apple announcement on October 23rd

Other than a map, to help iOS 6 owners get to the event, we’re predicting plenty of new hardware

Apple, like a corporate magician, is about to pull some new hardware out of its brushed aluminium top hat. While we’re pretty sure the iPad Mini will be the first to emerge, we’re hoping for more. The rumour mill points to plenty of treats – here’s what we’re looking forward to...

Apple iPad Mini

The star of the show will, almost undoubtedly, be the new 7.85in iPad Mini. A £200 Apple tablet that offers the iPad's famous build quality while cramming the world-beating antics of its larger brother into a shell that promises to be easier on the wrist. But will we see a Retina Display or A6 chip for that budget price on October 23rd? It keeps us up at night.

iMac refresh

A thinner iMac may slide out on stage next Tuesday. Pictures of apparent iMac innards show Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antennas, fans and a hard drive. They’ve led to the expectation of a new ultra-thin, tear-drop design. Let’s hope that rumour about it not having a Retina Display is rubbish. Throw a few more rumours on the fire and you can start clearing desk space for a new iMac.

13in MacBook Pro Retina Display

We've heard a new 13in MacBook Pro Retina Display is heading our way. And that was on top of previous rumour winds blowing in the same direction. Despite the expected weight loss, we reckon it could still get a decent spec sheet.

Maps update

Apple has apologised publicly for its Maps on iOS 6. Surely the next step is to fix that at a very public launch with a nice fix report? If there isn’t at least some sort of progress update we’d be very surprised. Announcement of a standalone Google Maps app would be ideal.

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