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Watch 3D videos on your iPhone with Donya

Slot your iPhone into this supremely daft-looking binocular accessory and bring those myriad 3D YouTube videos to life

Phone manufacturers gave 3D screens a good shot – but although they haven’t really caught on, brave YouTube has ploughed on, converting every 1080p video uploaded into 3D.

The Donya may look supremely daft – and it isn’t exactly pocket-friendly – but it does let you clip in your iPhone 4, 4S or 5 to view 3D YouTube videos in all their eye popping glory. The free app that translates the 3D video also lets you film your own 3D clips.

And the price to bring your screen into the third dimension? 3000 yen (£20) from the Shanghai based Donya website.

[Donya via DesignBoom]

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