Warner woos HD-DVD hardcore

They think this format war is all over. It is now. Warner Brothers is offering to take HD-DVD discs off the hands of its American victims shoppers, in

Despite sounding like a political brainwash programme, Warner's Red2Blu website allows the High Def losers to swap up to 25 Warner Brothers HD-DVDs for the equivalent Blu-ray titles for just $4.95 (£3.35) each, plus a one-off $6.95 (£4.75) shipping charge.

Over 125 of Warner Brother's titles are included in the offer, with multi-disc titles like the 5-disc Blade Runner Collector's Edition being priced at up $14.95 (£10.15).

HD-DVD owners don't have to return the movie disc to take advantage of the offer, just the cover art with barcode, so Americans who just can't bear to give up their HD-DVD player should keep an eye open for some 'no slipcase' bargains on eBay in the weeks ahead.