Want to crash your iPhone at the press of a button? Here’s how

iPhones hate this one weird trick

Ever since Krug placed a whoopee cushion (made from the inflated bladder of a sabre-toothed cat) beneath Krog’s sitting rock, human beings have played pranks on each other.

The latest tech-related one comes courtesy of crashsafari.co, which we won’t be hyperlinking to for hopefully obvious reasons.

Opening up the site on an iPhone or iPad will cause it to crash the browser before rebooting the device, and it’ll also cause your Mac to slow down until you close down Safari.

Chrome isn’t safe either, and we can attest to the fact that your CPU will be sweating until you kill the offending tab.

The shenanigans are all thanks to the creation of an endless string of characters which throw a spanner in the back end, so to speak, and while it seems relatively harmless, we wouldn’t advocate trying it yourself. But you’re going to anyway, aren’t you? 

[via Tech Radar