Vodafone's 555 budget phone for Facebook lovers

Love Facebook? We mean REALLY love Facebook? Purse strings a bit tight? Check out the 555

Who knew Vodafone had its own OS? Today marks the launch of its super-cheap 555 handset, a QWERTY phone complete with optical trackpad, 2MP camera with flash and FM radio, sporting its very own proprietary operating system. Its main party trick is the integrated button for instant access to Facebook. The more eagle-eyed will notice it's taken its design cues from HTC's ChaCha – silver and white body, QWERTY keyboard, dedicated Facebook button etc.

With no 3G or Wi-Fi aboard this ship, you'll have to make do with EDGE data speeds. Perfect if being frugal is your main priority, but you think you won't be able to cope without your daily Facebook fix.

Interested? You can pick one up online for £63 on its own, or head on over to your local Vodafone store and pick up a handset for £70 with a £15 Freedom Freebee bundle for an extra 200 minutes, 600 texts and 100MB of internet use.


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