Vodafone network goes DRM free

Mobile network Vodafone has inked a deal with three of the four major record companies that will see digital rights management scrapped on all its dow

The agreement with the three titans of Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and EMI Music enables Vodafone to snap the electronic shackles on its entire million-plus catalogue of digital music, which is available to download on both mobile phone and PC.

And there’s good news for existing users who’ve already built up a library of DRM-locked WMA tracks from Vodafone – they’ll be able to re-download all these tracks for free in funky fresh DRM-free mode.

Vodafone joins the likes of iTunes and Amazon in offering only DRM-free tracks, leaving only a handful of major services – such as Nokia Comes With Music – as proponents of restricted music. Surely it can’t be long now until DRM is consigned to the electronic wastepaper basket of history...