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Vertu Ti sports Android and £7,000 price tag

No longer owned by Nokia, the luxury phone brand outs its latest insanely expensive handset

Vertu, the luxury mobile phone brand once owned by Nokia, has announced its first Android smartphone. Called simply the Vertu Ti, it costs US$10,000 (about £7,000) – and yet for all that dosh you only get Android 4.0, which is now well over a year old.

Still, Vertu phones have never really been about the specs, and the Ti (made in England, no less) is more notable for its titanium body and sapphire crystal display than its Snapdragon S4 processor or 3.7in screen size. And of course, like all Vertus it offers one-button access to a 24-hour concierge service: just the thing when you’re just dying to know where in Mayfair you can buy beluga caviar and Dom Perignon at 3am.

[via The Verge]

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