Unboxed – JVC Everio GZ X900

You're nobody in the world of camcorders these days unless you're packing HD. But with cheap winners like the Flip Mino HD and Toshiba Camileo S10, it

Even so, JVC is giving it a whirl with their new Everio GZ X900, which we had a play with at their London HQ this morning. Clocking in at a monumental £899, it's certainly not one for the kids. Clearly, it's taking on Sony's new TG7, albeit with classic barrel design rather than the pistol grip style that's currently in vogue.

After a quick play, we can report it certainly doesn't disappoint. Gobbling up AVCHD pics, shots are clear and lush, but its real killer feature is its 9MP stills camera. JVC says that won't serve up the usual interpolated shots you get from a cammie, and the few we took looked crisp as anything you'll find from your standard snapper. Whether it's DSLR standard as they claim is another matter.

Camcorder geeks will be glad to hear there's 10x slow motion shooting, the ability to take 5MP snaps as you record in 1080p and direct upload to both YouTube and even to iTunes. The latter is a JVC exclusive for now, but expect to see it landing on every cammie under the sun from 2010. Stay tuned for a full review soon.