Ultimate Setup – Notting Hill Carnival

Crowds, colours, smells and sounds – all the gear you need to survive the carnival weekend

The Notting Hill carnival kicks off this Sunday and we’ve picked some of the best tools to ensure your festive weekend goes off without a hitch. All we ask in return is a few morsels of jerk chicken. Thank you.

Tube map wallet


The benefits of this handy wallet are three-fold. Aside from storing all your cash and helping you navigate the spaghetti-like tangles of the tube, you’ll be less of a target for pesky pick pocketers.

Eye-Fi Mobile X2


If your phone snapper doesn’t cut the mustard but you still have a burning desire to share your pics on the go then slot this ingenious Wi-Fi enabled SD card in to your camera. With the aid of a free iOS/Android app, your photos can be uploaded in full quality from your data-enabled handset.

Lego drinking bottle


If it wasn’t for the cheeky smile on the face of each Lego face we’d almost feel bad for using their disembodied heads as a bottle tops. Instead, we’ll take consolation in the fact that they’re each fulfilling their rather macabre destiny. Simply rip off the ill-fated head and fill with the tipple of your choice.

Carnival 2011 app


The official Notting Hill Carnival app offers a whole host of useful information at the swipe of your chicken-greased fingertips. From food-stall locations to first aid stops, this app has you covered for all eventualities – apart from the unpredictable British weather, that is.

Titanium Spork


Plastic cutlery will simply not do for serious street gastronomy. Made out of titanium, this manliest of eating instruments combines the wondrous powers of the classic knife, spoon and fork in to one sturdy food-shovelling machine. Only time will tell if your stomach can keep up with barrage off food on offer.


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