Toshiba outs Camileo S10 and P10 cheap camcorders

Toshiba's recent penchant for dirt cheap HD camcorders is showing no sign of abating. Following hot on the heels of the H20 and P30 models come the ba

The S10 is really the flagship cammie. It comes packing full 1080p support, records onto SD and can upload directly to YouTube just like the Flip Mino and Creative Vado. It also crams in a 4x digitial zoom, 5MP stills and HDMI support.

Tosh reckons it can kill off video on camphones, thanks to its slimline bod' and £129 price tag. We're not sure about that, but it is one killer piece of kit.

Its slightly chunkier cousin, the P10, comes with similar specs, but without the same sharp frame. Still, at a penny shy of 100 quid, it's the best way forward for budding movie makers and YouTube obsessives.

Both are due to land in May. If you we re thinking of nabbing a Flip Mino HD, it might be time to think again. You can see our cheap camcorder face off vidcast now, giving you the full skinny on this hot gadget trend.