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This tech will give a boost to this year’s top gaming phones and foldables

MediaTek's latest processors are going to give gaming phones a performance boost by using up to 25% less power

MediaTek Dimensity 7300 Gaming Phones

We’ve already got the newest smartphone tech for this year’s smartphones inside handsets. But 2024 gaming phones and foldable phones are about to get their own boost, thanks to this new hardware tech from MediaTek. They’re releasing a new set of processors that’ll give new handsets a boost in performance, while using 25% less power.

The Dimensity 7300 and its sibling, the Dimensity 7300X, are here to boost your gaming phone and foldable phone performance. These processors are built on a 4nm process, offering a sweet mix of power efficiency and top-notch performance. MediaTek claims a whopping 25% lower power consumption compared to the previous-gen, which means more gaming and less charging.

The octa-core CPU setup paired with an Arm GPU ensures that your gaming phone experience is as smooth as butter. Add MediaTek’s HyperEngine optimisations into the mix, and you’re looking at 20% faster frame rates and a 20% boost in energy efficiency over the competition.

For those who love snapping pics and filming everything, the Dimensity 7300 series packs the MediaTek Imagiq 950 ISP, supporting a jaw-dropping 200MP main camera. Enhanced noise reduction, face detection, and video HDR capabilities mean your photos and videos will look better, no matter the lighting. And if you’re into 4K HDR video, expect over 50% wider dynamic range compared to what’s currently out there.

AI enthusiasts aren’t left out, either. The MediaTek chips double the AI efficiency, making everything from live focus photos to photo remastering snappier. Plus, the Dimensity 7300X, designed with foldables in mind, supports dual displays, making it perfect for those futuristic flip-style phones. Connectivity isn’t skimped on either, with MediaTek 5G UltraSave 3.0+ tech offering 13-30% better power efficiency in 5G scenarios, support for up to 3.27Gb/s 5G downlink, tri-band Wi-Fi 6E, and dual 5G SIM support.

MediaTek hasn’t spilled the beans on all the devices that will flaunt these new chips. The rumour mill reckons you’ll see the 7300X in the upcoming Motorola Razr 50, hitting the shelves in June. But if you’re looking for a new gaming phone or foldable, keep an eye out for these upcoming devices.

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