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This free Amazon Music update playlist-making AI to rival Spotify

Well, well, well! Amazon Music also offers an AI feature that lets you dictate what music you want it a playlist, and get it picked for you

Amazon Music AI Playlists

Since AI dominates the headlines at the moment, Spotify decided to roll out an AI Playlists feature last week. Now, Amazon’s cottoned on to the fact this is a pretty good idea. It’s offering a similar feature to rival Spotify. Amazon Music’s latest free update adds a feature that can create playlists you ask for with music it thinks you’ll like. It’s all powered by AI, and all you need is a text prompt.

Dubbed Maestro, this AI feature allows users to craft playlists using just a text prompt. You can give it prompts, ranging from the emotionally charged (crying into your spaghetti, anyone?) to the hilariously specific (tunes for when you realize your mates have ghosted you for a night out). It’s all about bringing that personal touch to your music sessions without the hassle of scrolling endlessly through tracks. All you need to do is type in what sort of playlist you’re looking for, and Maestro will do the heavy lifting. It even understands emojis and voice input.

Prime Music subscribers and those on the free plan get a mere 30-second snippet to judge the AI’s musical taste. It’s like a speed date with your songs. You’ll then have to decide whether to save the playlist for a full listen later. Meanwhile, Amazon Music Unlimited users get the VIP treatment, with immediate access to full playlists crafted on the fly. If you’re not a fan, you can further refine it with additional prompts.

As with all things AI, Maestro isn’t perfect yet. Amazon admits that the tech might need a few goes to nail your vibe. But, the tech giant has slapped on some guardrails to keep things tidy, blocking naughty words and dodgy prompts.

Currently, Maestro is in its beta playpen, available only to a select group of Amazon Music subscribers in the US. The feature is nestled neatly within the Amazon Music app. Beta testers can spot Maestro either on the app’s home screen or by tapping the Plus sign to whip up a new playlist.

For those in the US itching to give this AI maestro a whirl, keep your eyes peeled on the app and your feedback ready. Amazon is planning to refine and expand Maestro’s availability based on how well it hits the right notes with its beta testers. As for when everyone else around the globe can join the party, that remains a mystery for now. But expect the feature to go global in the near future.

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