Ten One Design creates pressure-sensitive iPad stylus

"Blue Tiger" lets you draw naturally on a tablet screen. Paper's days are numbered…

If you've used a stylus with your iPad, you'll know it's not quite as intuitive as gesturing with your fingers – and if you prefer the feel of a stylus in the hand, that's a problem.

Ten One Design has just taken the wraps off a prototype pressure-sensitive iPad stylus that should fix the issue. Connecting wirelessly to your iPad over a Bluetooth 4.0 connection, the "Blue Tiger," as it's codenamed, can transmit data on how hard you're pressing down on your slate.

That's good news for artists and graphic designers – it means they'll be able to vary the thickness of a line by pressure.

The Blue Tiger has some other handy features, too. An LED on the side displays the colour you've chosen, and the associated iPad app and SDK only respond to inputs from the stylus, so there's no danger of accidentally doodling with a stray finger or wrist.

Ten One Design is still developing the Blue Tiger iPad stylus, but you can see the prototype in action in the video below.

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