Take charge of your Christmas cook with this smart kitchen scale

Bluetooth-connected weighing for an easier dinner

Oh, a turkey plinth! Just what I need for my centrepiece.

We agree, it looks pretty - in a sort of slab-like way - but this isn’t some stand for your big bird. Rather, it’s a seriously nifty set of kitchen scales.

Bluetooth-connected and touch-sensitive, it's got a surface area of 17.5 square centimetres - which should be plenty for even the biggest ingredients.

My Nan has Bluetooth in her speakers. What makes this weigher so special?

Not because of the Bluetooth itself, but the app that it pairs with. Salter’s Cook app (for iOS and Android) lets you find and store your favourite recipes - as well as inputting your own - before cooking along with you.

How? It’ll tell you what to put in, when to put it in and, when you do, it’ll show the weight live on your tablet screen - so no back-and-forth between the Christmas pudding and that worn-out recipe book.

So it’s a set of scales with a second screen? I’ve seen better.

You’re very negative today. Have you not opened your advent calendar? Anyway, no, it’s about much more than that. See, Salter’s clever slab is packed with nifty features to make the weighing experience that much easier.

Think: automatic zeroing for single-bowl measuring and Aquatronic tech for seamless calculation of liquid volume - as well as that on-device weight display. It’s all designed to take the pain and guesswork out of recipe measurements.

What if I’m at a cooking roadshow and haven’t packed my iPad?

Who are you, the third Hairy Biker? Regardless, the scales can be used standalone, too. They’ve got a large LCD screen of their own, as well as a sweet slim glass build to have rival chefs drooling.

It’s even got a 15-year guarantee to boot, so if things go pear-shaped when you're weighing out the apple crumble, you should be covered.

Can I get any other wireless bits for my kitchen?

You can indeed. If you want to truly tech-out your Christmas cooking, Salter also ships a Bluetooth-enabled thermometer. In fact, it’s actually two thermometers: one for your food and one for the oven, both of which feed back to the Cook app for properly precise temperature tracking - and no burnt sprouts drama on the big day.

I want to weigh with my iPad! How can I get a set?

Don’t we all? Salter’s Cook Pro scales will set you back £79.99, or you can get a set with the Bluetooth thermometer bundled in for a tasty £99.99. Delivery is free, too, so that’s one less thing to put on the Christmas costs list.