Tag Heuer's Android Wear watch costs a wallet-busting £1100

It's still cheaper than the most expensive Apple Watch, mind

Do you want to own the world's most expensive Android Wear smartwatch? Then Tag Heuer definitely has you covered.

The freshly-announced Tag Heuer Connected Watch, revealed by CEO Jean-Claude Biver, aims to justify its hefty £1100 price tag with a premium build.

The 46mm (in diameter) timepiece is forged from titanium for both lightness and strength, while the touchscreen face itself is a sapphire crystal affair, making it unscratchable to anything bar the fine point of a diamond.

The water-resistant smartwatch will be available with a range of coloured rubber straps, and three digital watch faces, designed by Tag Heuer, will be available at launch. Given that it's running Android Wear however, you'll still be able to use a Fallout Pip-Boy watch face (and any other one, for that matter), if you want to.

If you were to crack open the watch itself, you'll find an Intel Atom processor, which stands out from the standard Qualcomm processors which most Android Wear devices use.

There's 4GB of onboard memory too, as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for connectivity. An all-day battery life is promised, though it's too early to tell if it'll survive a full 24 hours. Sadly, you'll need a charging dock to juice it up - there's no elegant wireless charging option here.

The Connected Watch, on paper, does nothing to differentiate itself from the rest of the Android Wear roster, and its lack of GPS means that watches like the Sony Smartwatch 3, still have an advantage over it when it comes to raw specs.

But Tag Heuer is clearly focusing on premium design more than specs alone. Given that the most expensive Apple Watch will set you back £12,000, Tag Heuer's one looks like a bargain in comparison.

Stay tuned for our wrist-on impressions.