SVR Glass is the Samsung Gear VR on a budget

And unlike Samsung's VR goggles, these can be used with other phones

The Samsung Galaxy Gear VR is pricey at £165, so it comes as little surprise to see someone attempting to create a cheaper alternative. SnailVR's SVR Glass is a cheaper pair of VR goggles, though it comes with some tradeoffs.

Unlike the Gear VR (which we've reviewed here), it will work with any phone (iOS or Android) with a 4.7in to 6in screen - although given that you can spot individual pixels even when using the Samsung Galaxy Note 4's 2K screen on the Gear VR, we're predicting image quality will be pretty poor with most 720p or 1080p handsets. It also supports a 96-degree viewing angle (just like the Galaxy Gear) and can be adjusted via a focus ring - a big help for the near-sighted.

As for the actual build quality... well, given its much lower pricetag, don't expect anything quite as polished as Samsung's kit. And there's also the issue of content to consider: while Samsung has teamed up with Oculus VR and a host of developers to give the Gear VR a decent selection of videos, games and "experiences", SnailVR doesn't have quite the same heft in the creative industries. There are just a few videos to watch, according to CNET. At 299 yuan (£31) though, it would be easy to overlook these kind of shortcomings.

[Source: CNET]