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Stuff.tv’s hottest E3 2009 rumours

Xbox Motion Sensing ControllerLast year's big rumour is back and this time it's for real. The Big M has been leakier than the Titanic in the run&ndash

Xbox Motion Sensing Controller

Last year’s big rumour is back and this time it’s for real. The Big M has been leakier than the Titanic in the run–up to this year’s E3, with shots of a motion sensing controller splashed across fan sites and gaming blogs. The camera–based controller will detect body movements, meaning you can throw punches and dance like an idiot for your Xbox’s pleasure.

Stuff.tv probability factor – 5 stars

Microsoft has just come clean about the Zune HD and has even gone so far as to say it’ll play nice with the Xbox. This can mean one thing only – downloadable Xbox Live Arcade games on their touchscreen PMP. Not only would it give the new PSP Go! plenty to think about, it’d make Apple panic about the quality of the games heading to the iPod touch via the App Store.

Stuff.tv probability factor – 5 stars

The PSP Go!, known across planet internet alternatively as the PSP 2 and PSP 4000, is a shoo–in for E3 2009. Various rumours have it packing a multitouch screen and analogue sticks, but the most credible sources say this is wide of the mark. In fact there’ll be a slide out form factor and no UMD drive, meaning you’ll download games instead.

Stuff.tv probability factor – 4 stars

The rumour that just won’t die. Sony says it’s all nonsense but that’s not stopped insiders leaking plans to give the increasingly popular console a makeover, with a slimmer frame and new design. We’re sure this will be here by Christmas, but at E3? Surely it would gazump any PSP Go! release.

Stuff.tv probability factor – 2 stars

Nintendo hasn’t got any big plans for this year’s E3. So surely unleashing the Wii 2 on an unsuspecting gaming mad crowd would steal the headlines. What we’d like to see? Well, a decent hard drive, DVD playback, HDMI outputs for playing Wii Sports Resort in hi–def and a slimmer bod’. The chances? Well, let’s face it, why ruin a good thing. Still, here’s hoping

Stuff.tv probability factor – 1 stars

We’ll be at E3 bringing you all the news as it happens, so stay tuned to our games blog for more.