Stuff Gadget Podcast Episode 21 - the one with the mucus cocoon

The latest episode of the Stuff Gadget Podcast is now live!

Stop what you’re doing and point your podcast aerial this way because Friday is podcast day at Stuff HQ and we’ve got a fresh new episode ready for you to download.

Host Tom Wiggins is joined by mag editor Rob Leedham and reviews editor Tom ‘Mogsy’ Morgan to cast six eyes (and your ears) over this week’s Hot 5.

There’s the retro console that’ll play games from almost any age, Sony’s full-frame CSC that dazzles with its digits, and, of course, Samsung’s magnificent Galaxy S8. But will Chuck Norris smash them all to smithereens?

Even if he does, Chuck can’t take away the 5-star review we recently gave the S8. In fact, Samsung’s latest superphone is so good, we’re asking whether the rest might as well just give up. Let us know what you think on Twitter and Facebook.

With Nintendo officially discontinuing the NES Classic Mini (not that you’ve been able to buy one for ages) we’ve turned our attentions to the next console that’s rumoured for a tiny reboot – the SNES. When will it be out? How much will it cost? And, most importantly, will it have F-Zero on it?

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