Stuff Gadget Podcast Episode 22 - the one with the robot fashion guru

The latest episode of the Stuff Gadget Podcast is now live!

Stop what you’re doing and point your podcast aerial this way because Friday is podcast day at Stuff HQ and we’ve got a fresh new episode ready for you to download.

Host Tom Wiggins is joined by mag editor Rob Leedham and online editor Marc McLaren, who run through this week’s Hot 5. Is there space for Call of Duty’s return to World War II? Or can Amazon’s robot personal stylist solve our fashion faux pas and steal the top spot?

With BlackBerry’s KeyOne finally hitting the streets this week, we sent Rob down to Selfridges to pick one up and give us his first impressions of the new email-obsessed Android phone. But does it have a QWERTY that only a mother could love?

In an entirely unconnected feature, we’ll also be discussing the most useless gadgets of all time, inspired by the $400 juicer that you don’t even need in order to squeeze its accompanying juice packs. Is that more useless than the Wi-Fi oven or the Bluetooth belt? Let us know your favourites on Twitter and Facebook.

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