The latest instalment of the Stuff Gadget Guide series is out now, dedicated to all things health and fitness in the hope we come out of lockdown 3 in better shape than when we went into it (yeah, right).

So far, we’ve brought you in-depth consumer guides to photographymobile phones, and wearables, and the idea behind these special editions is to delve far deeper into a specific area of tech with expert coverage in one handy place.

And so our guide to health and fitness in 2021. Things were pretty simple before: get a gym membership, buy a tracker, go for a run.

But since last spring we’ve all had to get creative when working out. That might mean finding a wearable specific to your needs or a piece of home fitness equipment replicating what you’d normally utilise in the gym, or upgrading your workout wardrobe with smart clothes to help give you a performance edge.

In this guide you’ll find everything from smartwatches that monitor blood oxygen levels and stress to affordable but excellent activity bands. We’ve covered the latest home gym machines and oddball workout kit, bikes, e-bikes and exercise bikes, smart training shoes and more, all with the intention of keeping you motivated and active for the months ahead.

Stuff Gadget Guide: Shoes, skis, bikes and more

The Stuff Gadget Guide is packed with the latest and greatest equipment for every type of sport, whether you're working out indoors, outdoors or heading for the mountains.

Running shoes, connected exercise bikes, winter sports gear, it's all here, with selections gathered by experts in their specific field.

You can get your single copy online now, subscribe to the series or order back copies from the Kelsey Media store, with every issue delivered directed to your door. 

Stuff Gadget Guide: In-depth reviews and features

If you're confused by the bewildering choice of fitness tech promising to help you set a new PB, our connected run testers and gym addicts have taken the strain out of selecting the right kit with a series of in-depth reviews. 

That might mean getting to grips the wealth of sensors on the latest Apple Watch, comparing affordable sports wearables from the leading brands, or simply understanding the major components of a bike before choosing the right ride for your needs. 

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Best of luck beating the lockdown blues and blitzing that PB. If you have any questions relating to the Stuff Gadget Guide you can always contact the Stuff team at [email protected]