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Exercise your ears with the latest Philips Sports Headphones

With four new pairs of wireless sports headphones, there’s something for every type of workout

Among those of us who like to get active, sweaty and sporty on the reg, two-thirds use headphones while doing so. And here’s a treat for anyone who hasn’t yet found their perfect pair of workout-appropriate earbuds or exercise-friendly cans: a shiny new collection of Philips Sports Headphones.

This entirely fresh range from the electronics giant is kicking off with the release of four different wireless pairs (the A7306, A3206, A6606 and A4216), the idea being that there’s something here for every type of sportsperson and every type of workout. But all Philips Sports Headphones have a few things in common: they’re dust proof, sweat proof, comfortable to wear, equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 and built for excellent audio performance. All four pairs also come with reflective strips and easy tap controls, making them ideal for outdoor workouts after dark.

Philips Sound is also the Global Headphones partner for Wings for Life World run on Sunday 8 May – check out more information on that here.

Philips A7306 true wireless headphones

The flagship of the Philips Sport headphone range, these true wireless earphones are fully waterproof (to IP57 standards) and designed to deliver a flawless fit – making them suitable for any type of athletic activity. The A7306 comes with a choice of three different coloured ear tips and three detachable ear-hooks to ensure a fit that’s not only comfortable but snug enough to passively cancel outside sound.

The headphones offer large 9mm drivers for authoritative sound, six hours of battery life (and an additional 18 hours through the charging case – which will also Fast Charge to provide one hour of battery life in just 15 minutes, and has a UV light to clean the earbuds when they’re inside) and a built-in heart rate monitor compatible with many popular fitness apps.

Philips A6606 bone conduction headphones

Drivers? The A6606 doesn’t need them, instead transmitting its sound direct to the wearer’s ears via vibrations which run along the cheekbones. Not only does this bone conduction tech drastically keep down the size and weight of the A6606, it also leaves the wearer’s ears free to hear outside sounds – ideal for safe use while exercising outdoors, particularly in busy locations. Safety is further enhanced by an LED light to provide extra visibility.

The A6606 is IP67 rated for protection against water, sweat and dust, and offers nine hours of battery life on a single charge.

Philips A4216 on-ear headphones

If a more traditional on-ear design is what you’re looking for, the A4216 takes it to sporty new heights. The headphones are lightweight and ergonomically shaped for extra comfort during workouts, while the memory foam inserts have a special gel to keep the wearer’s ears cool during high-intensity sessions or on warmer days. The fabric sleeves can be removed and washed, too.

The A4216’s 40mm drivers offer a big, detailed sound with strong bass reproduction, while the battery provides a generous 35 hours of playback on one charge. It’s IP55 rated for water, dust and sweat resistance.

Philips A3206 wireless earbud headphones

These wireless earbuds offer a selection of three wing-tips and three ear-hooks to ensure a comfortable and secure fit, while the Kevlar-reinforced cable that links them is reflective to offer improved visibility in low light conditions. With excellent IP57-rated construction (waterproof, dust proof and sweat proof), 10 hours of playback from a single charge and 13.6mm neodymium drivers for punchy audio performance. Compatible with Siri and Google Assistant.

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