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Stuff Gadget Awards 2019: Vote for the Readers’ Gadget of the Year

It's time to wrap up 2019 and decide which hallowed gadget is worthy of the crown

Whether it was England’s cricketers winning a dramatic World Cup, Greta’sThunberg’s voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, 2019 has thrown us some belters. Techlandia has been busier than ever with product launches occurring almost as frequently as Boris Johnson tirelessly repeats, “get Brexit done”.

We’ve been treated to some stunning 4K TVs, electric vehicles finally with decent range, smartwatches carrying out tasks once performed only by medical professionals like electrocardiography, and it’s never been easier to enter strange new worlds through VR. Also, have you noticed how commonplace and totally acceptable it is to check-in daily with Alexa and your mate Google? Weird when you consider it, but what they lack in personality, they make up for in obedience.

New smartphones are dropping at double speed, with many wielding as much power as the average laptop, and the smartphone camera has been a major focus offering sensational results achieved through a combination of computational wizardly or simply more cameras, or both. Luckily, we’ve dedicated an award category to smartphones here, don’t forget to vote. 

Active noise cancellation has made headlines in 2019, and we’ve been offered a buffet of oddly-shaped cans and buds with the likes of Sony, Bose and even Apple providing some quality audio chops.

It’s a lot to cover, and we’ve devoted our year to bring you the stuff that matters, but now we need you, dear reader, to help us choose which shiny object is worthy of such prestige. Put down your oat milk flat white, finish your custard cream and vote for your favourite gadget here. Simply scroll down the page for our selection and tick the gadget that you think is most deserving of the title. Voting closes on Wednesday 4pm, so don’t miss your chance.

We’ll have the results for you from December 18th, when we’ll be publishing our full Stuff Gadget Awards 2019 winners right here, and you’ll be able to consolidate all this in glorious print when we publish the Juanuary issue, dropping on Boxing Day. 

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