STUFF EXCLUSIVE – Gibson unveils new Dark Fire Robot Guitar

We’ve long been fans of Gibson’s original Robot Guitar here at Stuff Towers, mostly due to its roadie-dispensing ability to tune itself as

Our only two minuses were that there was only one style available and that tuning mistakes couldn’t be easily fixed. Well, it seems that Gibson was listening, and its response is the new, improved, smoking Gibson Dark Fire.

Essentially an update of the previous robotic wonder, Dark Fire is promised to have better specs and a cleverer “tuning brain”.

Crucially, the power head tuners are radically faster, meaning that any budding virtuosos can flip between presets in less than a second, meaning that you can change up in the middle of a song in less time than it takes for a wee-filled pint glass to head your way.

The Les Paul stylings remain, but with a gorgeous new glossy red paint-job, while the magic control knob that’s at the heart of the tuning sorcery has been tweaked to make it more ergonomic and responsive. And you can now switch between analogue and digital tuning at the touch of a button, so there’s still plenty of opportunity for de-tuned freakouts. Rock on!



Gibson Dark Fire Guitar

Price: £tba

On sale: 15 Dec

Contact: Gibson