Street Fighter V online beta begins on PlayStation 4 later this month

First phase will be short and sweet, delivering six fighters across a five-day span

Eager to flex your fighting game muscles with Street Fighter V? Capcom's latest is coming to PlayStation 4 and PC (seemingly in 2016), and the company announced plans today to kick off online beta testing in a couple weeks.

The beta will begin first on PlayStation 4, starting around 2:00am BST on Friday, 24 July, and continue on through 28 July. This wave of the beta test strictly includes online gameplay, as Capcom wants to test the netcode before properly launching the full game.

When the beta test goes live, it will include Ryu, Chun Li, M. Bison, and Nash as playable characters. However, Cammy and Birdie will also be added before the test is through, as Capcom wants to test out its online delivery framework. Three backdrops will also be featured: Terminal Station (London), Bustling Side Street (China), and the Forgotten Waterfall.

Across Europe, you'll need to register with Capcom by 15 July for a chance to be selected for the beta, while North and Latin American players can earn guaranteed access by pre-ordering the PlayStation 4 version either digitally or through select retailers.

This month's test is expected to be the first in a three-part beta schedule for PlayStation 4, while a PC test is expected sometime this autumn. There's little reason to believe that Street Fighter V will be a disappointment, given the core series' mostly-impeccable track record, although the recent PS4 port of Ultra Street Fighter IV was botched (but patches are helping). Still, we'll have an opportunity to try it for ourselves very soon.

[Source: PlayStation.Blog]