Spykee ready to snoop from September

Spykee certainly got us in a tizzy when we got a proper look at him during gadget uber–show, CES, in Las Vegas this January. And now Meccano&rsq

Just to refresh your memory, Spykee works as an MP3 player, take photos, be used as a VoIP phone and see and listen to any intruders.

Best of all, the little monster can be controlled via Wi–Fi or a regular web connection from anywhere in the world. That means you can see what’s going on at home while you’re on holiday or a at a tiresome business conference. Spykee can even sound an alarm and send an email straight to you if he detects any movement.

You can build three different versions straight out of the box. And he’ll even charge himself when he knows he’s running low on batteries. It's due to cost £200 when it hits the shelves.

Forget the iPhone 3G, this is the must–have gadget of 2008.


Meccano Spykee

Price: £200

On sale: Mid–September

Contact: Meccano