Spray on antennae incoming

Thanks to Google’s Solve for X, crazy-brilliant ideas like these are becoming a reality

Blame your phone, blame your network, blame the weather – whoever is to blame when you lose mobile signal, nothing can help. One of the first ideas to come out of Google’s version of TED – dubbed Solve for X – is spray on antennae.

Chamtech Enterprises has dreamed up the spray on antennae – which could be used in paints and clothing textiles – to replace expensive masts and building-mounted femto-cells. The idea is to create signal boosting antennae on nearby walls, trees or clothes. Brilliant. Real world testing found a 10 per cent boost in mobile energy efficiency, in dry or wet weather. In fact it worked surprisingly well under water, too, and could be used for future sub-aquatic telecommunications infrastructure, so even Aquaman will be able to take calls from his mum.

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