The space-time continuum as interpreted by William Shatner

Trek it out - Captain James T Kirk commands the direction of time in this cosmic collaboration with watchmaker Egard
The space-time continuum as intepreted by William Shatner

Ever wondered what the esteemed Captain Kirk thinks about time? One word: Passages.

Space rock

Passages is the name of a new watch from Egard that's officially affiliated with William Shatner. And the cosmic connection to the commander of the USS Enterprise is obvious. A sun and moon disc, specially designed for the watch, indicates whether it’s day or night for those who lose track of time. The disc is also covered with a sprinkling of 100 percent authentic space rock. Never mind that the asteroid dust consists of microscopic smithereens and is pretty much invisible - you can still boast that you’re wearing a piece of the universe on your wrist.

As old as time

Passages is purely mechanical, which means you will never have to replace batteries. Its operation is fuelled by kinetic energy from your wrist movements, a classic technique called automatic quartz that Seiko pioneered in 1986.

Decked out in high-grade stainless steel and virtually scratch-proof sapphire crystal for the lens, it looks like it could survive a meteorite crash. And to give it that final star factor, William Shatner’s autograph is engraved on the back, along with a number to prove its exclusivity.

Thanks to the magic of crowdfunding, the watch won't cost as much as you'd imagine. For just US$399 (RM1285), you can get a timeless piece of William Shatner. What a steal.