SoundCloud reveals new redesign

The social audio platform lifts the curtain off its shiny new music platform

SoundCloud has announced the launch of a private beta of its new redesign – Next SoundCloud – which is set to be a more social-centric version of the current iteration of its platform.

New features include Facebook-like profiles with more visible links and comments, with the ability to repost and share your personal ear-pleasing track selections. Real-time notifications also let you keep up to date with what your friends are up to, including what they've recently liked or reposted.

You'll also be able to create 'sets' of tracks that you deem worthy before sharing them with the rest of the SoundCloud community. Navigation has also gotten a noticeable boost, with handy keyboard shortcuts and a zippier search function with more intuitive results.

SoundCloud is offering thousands of invites to a public beta, with the full switchover expected to hit by the end of the year. Click here for a beta request, and happy listening.

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