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Sony’s new turntable turns your vinyl into hi-res audio files

Groovy ripping

There’s nothing cooler than records, right? That artwork! That deliciously warm, analogue sound! Not much good for listening to music on the bus though, are they?

That’s where the Sony PS-HX500 comes in. This “premium” turntable doesn’t just play your treasured vinyl discs; it records them to your PC using a DSD native converter. The resulting high-res audio files can then be transferred to the HD audio player of your choice.

The turntable comes with bespoke software for recording, and Sony promises the process is “quite simple”. And once you’ve done the recording you can edit, name and cut the files at your whim.

Of course, if your recorded files are going to sound any good, the recording hardware also needs to be up to scratch, and Sony reckons that the PS-HX500’s bosses that, too.

It features a straight tone arm with a stylus tip located directly on the central axis for better stereo balance, and an anti-skating device and insulating, resonance-killing components should reduce jitter and vibration.

The proof of course, is in the pudding, so we’re looking forward to putting Sony’s new turntable to the test closer to the April release date. And no, there’s no price yet.

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