Sony's new remote adds a boombox to your TV zapper

Because your controller, it needs more speakers

If there’s one thing more frustrating than greasy fingers on the TV remote, it’s that you can’t hear your favourite movie’s soundtrack through it.

You know, when you’re sprawled on the Sofa trying hard to hear what’s on over somebody doing the hoovering, and you just wish you could put the remote to your ear and continue in blissful audio ignorance?

No? Well, Sony do.

Because everything is made better with a speaker in it, the Japanese tech giant has stuck a wireless controller atop a mini-boombox, so you can wander round the house whilst still enjoying the tasteful tones of the TV.

Styled like a cross between a DAB radio and a kitchen implement, the catchily-named SRS-LSR100 talks to your TV via a wireless dongle and can keep pumping out the phonics for 16 hours before it needs more juice.

With big-buttoned brilliance, the LSR100 may just be the answer to your remotely roaming dreams – and, it could be the start of a few wonderful new party games: we’re thinking “Guess the Talk Show”, “What Channel Is This” and “What Happens When You Leave it in the Room Next Door and a Naughty Scene Comes On.”

The 100 does also have a couple of nifty features, packing a microphone on the remote which picks up ambient noise and adjusts the volume and quality levels accordingly, whilst particular modes like “voice zoom” can boost the sound of voices – so you’ll never miss that key post-match analysis amid boozy cheers again.

Sadly, though it’s due to be released on September 12, the new zapper-come-speaker will only be on sale in Japan. Boo.

[The Verge]

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