Sony Vaio S Series has super stamina

Still slim, a halved boot-up time and double the stamina – this could be a winner

Battery life and notebooks have been at war since the first PC was made mobile. Sony’s solution to help batteries get a boost in the battle? Add more. The latest 24mm slim, 1.75Kg S Series has a seven-hour battery life that comes with another battery that can be clipped on without removing the first, giving you another 7 hours of Stamina Mode life. It even switches between the Intel HD graphics processor and the AMD Radeon HD 6470M to save you battery-life when it can.

Since this is aimed at the more business end of the market it has Fast Boot, which offers a 50% quicker start-up than its predecessor. The extra battery power goes a long way to power an i5 Core, 4GB SDRAM, 500GB hard drive and 13.3” widescreen display. A 3G WWAN option is also available for those who really want to test the battery to its limits.

Expected at the end of March with no price yet confirmed.