Sony S1 and S2 tablets unveiled

The tablet market just got a little more crowded with Sony’s Android Honeycomb tablets coming two at a time

After rumours of a Sony tablet caused curious itches in the undies of many a fanboy, the newly revealed Sony S1 and S2 beauties should hail a spike in sales of tighty whities.

Despite very few specs being available, it's clear both tablets will run Android Honeycomb on Tegra 2 processors and come loaded with PlayStation integration and the Qriocity media suite for music, video and ebooks. They will also both come with 3G/4G connectivity as well as Wi-Fi.

The S1 model will be 9.4-inch and appears to feature a VAIO-inspired design with a large back – hopefully meaning a big battery. If a long battery life isn’t what sets Sony apart, the S2 will give it a unique offering in the form of folding dual 5.5-inch 1024x480 screens.

Full specs and pricing are still to come, with a release date sometime in autumn. Watch this space.


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